• Welcome to my new blog

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    • by Jacob Riggs
    • 02-01-2020
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    My journey as a security researcher over the past decade has taught me a lot, but I know there’s still so much more to learn. I thought it might be worth creating this blog to document and share some of my personal experiences, and hopefully give something back to the thriving security community I’ve grown to be a part of. The term ‘InfoSec’ encompasses a myriad of fields that make up quite a bizarre industry, but one I’ve come to thoroughly enjoy exploring over the years. I've met some amazing people, and we've built (and broken) some incredible (and peculiar) things together. I think that documenting some of these events will enable me to better measure my personal development and maybe encourage a wider sharing of knowledge. With a little steady effort, I hope to eventually turn this blog into a valuable resource that myself and others can come to rely on when looking to learn and understand new things moving forward.