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      PublicWWW is a search engine for source code that finds any alphanumeric snippet, signature or keyword in web pages HTML, JS and CSS code.

      Things that PublicWWW can be used to search for include:

      • Any HTML, JavaScript, CSS and plain text in web page source code
      • References to StackOverflow questions in HTML.CSS and .JS files
      • Web designers and developers who hate IE
      • Sites with the same analytics id: "UA-19778070-"
      • Sites using the following version of nginx: "Server: nginx/1.4.7"
      • Advertising networks users: "adserver.adtech.de"
      • Sites using same adsense account: "pub-9533414948433288"
      • Wordpress with theme: "/wp-content/themes/twentysixteen/"
      • Find related websites through the unique HTML codes they share, i.e. widgets & publisher IDs
      • Identify sites using certain images or badges
      • Find out who else is using your theme
      • Identify sites that mention you
      • References to use a library or a platform
      • Find code examples on the internet
      • Figure out who is using what JS widgets on their sites.