Shark Tank success 'LARQ' sent me a free water bottle

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  • by Jacob Riggs
  • 27-08-2022
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Last week I fell into the abyss of watching random YouTube videos and at one point landed on a video featuring LARQ, the highest valuation company to ever pitch on the popular US television show Shark Tank. The product line they were offering was simple – self-cleaning water bottles that use UV light to purify water. Intrigued to find out if the company had found success since airing and intending to purchase one of their bottles for myself, I registered to their site.

Shortly after registering I noticed a security vulnerability, and duly reported this to them that sameday. My report was well received, and as a thank you, they kindly offered to send me any product I wanted for free.

Hi Jacob,

Our Digital team is very grateful for your time and the issue you have brought to our attention, we would be happy to ship you any LARQ Product of your choice as a thank you! Please be so kind as to confirm which product you would like and your shipping address.

Thank you!

I opted to select the LARQ Bottle PureVis 740ml (insulated), as I figured this would have been my preferred choice for purchase.

Jacob Riggs Holding LARQ Bottle PureVis

Thanks to the LARQ customer experience team for sending me this free gift.


Jacob Riggs

Jacob Riggs is a senior cyber security professional based in the UK with over a decade of experience working to improve the cyber security of various private, public, and third sector organisations. His contributions focus on expanding encryption tools, promoting crypto-anarchist philosophy, and pioneering projects centred on leveraging cryptography to protect the privacy and political freedoms of others.

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