I got a cat

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Please welcome my new feline companion, Mr Slevin.

Slev Kitten 1Slev Kitten 5

Slev Kitten 1
Slev Kitten 5

Slevin is a domestic semi-long hair tabby, born 3rd June 2021 alongside his brother and sister. He was always a bit slower than his siblings. Prone to bumping into things, falling over, and spectacularly failed escape attempts.

Slev Kitten 3Slev Kitten 4

Slev Kitten 3
Slev Kitten 4

I adopted Slevin at age 1, after he had seemingly grown enough to produce an abundance of fur that somehow sticks to all upholstery. It took him a while to adjust to the new environment, but I think he’s settled in well, and I’ve fortunately got the assistance of my Roomba to help keep his fluffy deposits under control.

Just like most cats, he’s rather nocturnal, and prefers the cover of darkness to explore in all his feline curiosity. This works well for my insomnia, as I’m often awake in the early hours of the morning, incidentally curious about hacking all the things. It’s comforting to share his company.

Slev Adult 1Slev Adult Sleeping

Slev Adult 1
Slev Adult Sleeping

Whilst my exposure to cats has been somewhat limited, I’ve always enjoyed their company. Just like hackers, they seem to exhibit natural information seeking behaviours, a daring curiosity of their environment, and share an innate desire to understand and test boundaries.

I have no doubt we'll enjoy each other's company for many years to come.


Jacob Riggs

Jacob Riggs is a senior cyber security professional based in the UK with over a decade of experience working to improve the cyber security of various private, public, and third sector organisations. His contributions focus on expanding encryption tools, promoting crypto-anarchist philosophy, and pioneering projects centred on leveraging cryptography to protect the privacy and political freedoms of others.

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